Sevenforyou’s Seller Protection can offer a little extra peace of mind to eligible sellers. When you qualify, sevenforyou will work with you to resolve cases, investigate chargebacks, and help you deal with any other issues that come up with your sevenforyou shop. This Seller Protection Policy explains the steps you must take to be eligible for Seller Protection and the types of items and transactions that may be covered.

This policy is a part of our Terms of Use. To qualify for Seller Protection coverage, you agree to this policy and our Terms of Use.

1. Seller Eligibility Requirements

Eligible sellers are automatically enrolled in Seller Protection — there is no application process. Here’s what you need to do to make sure your shop is covered:

A. Keep your shop in good standing (that means you’re not violating any of sevenforyou’s policies).

B. Fill out all of your Shop Policies (it’s especially important to have policies for returns, exchanges, and custom orders). Your Shop Policies have to comply with sevenforyou’s policies, as well as your local laws.

C. Use accurate photographs and descriptions when you list items. Product information should clearly state instructions for use, warranty period if any.

D. Include reasonable and accurate processing times or ship-by dates.

E.Weight, length, width, height of the product are very important. You need to make sure they are filled in according to the formula length x width x height/5000=weight

D. Cooperate with investigations conducted by sevenforyou. Promptly provide any information requested by sevenforyou, and cancel and refund any transactions deemed invalid or unauthorized by sevenforyou.

2. Order Eligibility Requirements

Follow these steps to make sure your orders are covered by sevenforyou’s Seller Protection:

A. Ship your order according to the processing time or ship-by date you listed or as agreed upon through sevenforyou Messages.

B. Ship the order to the address provided on sevenforyou. If your buyer provides an alternate shipping address through Messages, be mindful of fraud or scams. You may choose to cancel and refund the order and ask the buyer to purchase the item again with the corrected shipping address.

C. Provide valid proof of shipping. Valid proof can include a shipping or tracking number that shows the order route and delivery progress.

D. Use sevenforyou Payments to receive payment for the order.

3. Seller Protection Benefits

If your shop and the order in question satisfy the eligibility requirements, sevenforyou will try to help you resolve Non-Delivery cases, Not as Described cases, and chargebacks. We may have to request additional information or assistance from you. For Non-Delivery or Not as Described cases, we’ll need you to respond to our inquiries within 3 calendar days or the time frame noted by sevenforyou in the case. If a chargeback is filed against you, we’ll need you to respond to any inquiries within 3 calendar days or the time frame indicated by sevenforyou. If you don’t give us the necessary information in time, we may not be able to help resolve the dispute. Please keep in mind that we can’t guarantee a resolution in your favor.