Sevenforyou is the global platform

Launched in 2019, the Sevenforyou commerce platform was built to provide users with an easy, safe and fast experience when shopping online through a strong payment support and operating system. We strongly believe that the online shopping experience should be simple, easy and emotionally pleasurable. This belief inspires and drives us every day at Sevenforyou.

ZNEW GLOBAL CORPORATION LTD is a socially responsible company who manufacture, food safe bamboo and eco-friendly products that promote sustainable living. Since our inception, our purpose has been to support, educate, and inspire individuals and businesses of all kinds to make the switch to reusable and zero waste alternatives in order to reduce the devastating effects that single-use plastic pollution is having on our planet.

Our ethos is epitomised by our company values which is why we have overseen all aspects of our manufacturing and supply chain operations in person, relocating to the source of the raw materials in Vietnam in order to develop ethical relationships with the workshops and artisans of whom we work alongside.

Our reusable bamboo straws and earth-friendly products can also be customised. They are not only beautiful, but they are responsibly cultivated and crafted with pride. Plastic waste is a large global epidemic that threatens to change our world for good. We, as citizens of that world need to act now.

Our target

SEVENFORYOU.COM offers USA-made fashion products and personal style homewares with organic origin from Asia. We aim to bring a variety of natural products that are good for the environment and suitable for your own personality


We believe in closeness and integrity, a solid foundation for an honest, affordable and true life.

Our Location

For users in the region, Sevenforyou offers an integrated shopping experience with a wide range of products, a dynamic user community, and a seamless service chain.


We are approachable, lovable and energetic, always bringing joy to those around us.

Our Personality

To define who we are – through words or behavior in many different cases – we are, in essence, Close, Happy and Agree. These are the main and outstanding features in each step of Sevenforyou’s development.

The Heart

We love spending time together just like enjoying online shopping with family and friends – doing the things we love together as one big family.